Tablets in the Library

September 2019 edit: Keep in mind that the following information may be dated, so take it with a grain of salt and, hopefully, apply a modern lens.

The children’s library world is a-buzz with talks of tablets being used in a library setting. Should we use them in storytime? Should they be an in-house activity? Should we circulate them outside the library? While research is still fresh there is a strong following of librarians to embrace this new form of technology (as it is embraced by parents) and promote an interactive use between adult and child.

Tablets in the Library

Tablets in Storytime & Digital Storytime

Little eLit’s mass collection of various library storytimes

App-visory and Selection


Media Literacy Research

One thought on “Tablets in the Library

  1. Hi, I work at a public rural library and have been instigating some Montessori activities during our Story Time. I am interested in how you store your materials for the activities you implement.

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