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Can 1000 Books Beat Fabio?

on August 21, 2014

In June 2011, I posted a personal account of my interaction with Fabio that I had written for my Storytelling class in grad school. Although it took a few months, desperate housewives and business ladies alike searching for bare-chested pictures of Fabio began landing on my page. In droves they were using such keyword searches as “fabio sexy,” “fabio chest,” “fabio pecs,” “fabio with a spork,” “fabio raw food,” and “fabio’s bear hold” which sounds intriguing. Some even had the audacity to ask “who is fabio?”

Why am I reliving this golden moment in my blogging history? The August after that post was born, I received 2,404 views–the most I have ever received in one month. Still. This August appears to be challenging that record holder. With a post on my Summer Library Club and one on 1000 Books before Kindergarten I have received lush amounts of traffic that are nearing Fabio’s fame.

Will legitimate contributions to the library world beat Fabio’s imPECcable bodacious 1990s appeal? Only time will tell. Let the interwebs war begin!



happy to read

September update: Guess what, everyone? Knowledge beat out brawn! Move over Fabio, hello advancement of early childhood literacy through passive reading programs!

One response to “Can 1000 Books Beat Fabio?

  1. Michelle says:

    LOLZ This makes me giggle!

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