Baby & Toddler Art


From the youngest age, children learn through all 5 senses. They are touching different textures, tasting different books, hearing the cadences of their language, refining the images they see in front of them, and smelling new aromas of the world. Learning through these senses can be achieved through multiple means such as storytimes, sharing a book, listening to the world around them and–exploring!

For this age especially, process is much more important than the product in exploring their world. We’re not throwing pottery on a wheel or knitting a sweater. Sometimes they’re simply feeling the silky texture of flour or the gooey insides of a pumpkin. The child’s development is in the process. With simple hands-on exploration, the very young see and feel their actions manipulating something or creating something that wasn’t there before. Why stop at one exploration activity? A child should be exposed to as many different materials and processes as possible so keep introducing new and unusual things.

My previous library provides two programs that focus on the sense of touch and allowing an infant to interact with the world around them–and mess is surely welcome.

Hands On Ones and Twos

Baby Art Playground (0-14 months)

Check out my inspiration! Baby and Toddler Art Pinterest board

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