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First Board Books for a Newborn’s Little Library

Any books are great books for newborns as their tiny eyes and fingers begin to explore our world. In fact,¬†words are where it's really at, so reading from your favorite books and magazines are also great ways to interact with your baby and get them used to the cadences of the language(s) they will grow… Continue reading First Board Books for a Newborn’s Little Library

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100 Books before High School

November kicked off the official start of 1000 Books before Kindergarten. It has been phenomenally successful. We currently have 135 children participating (for perspective, we serve 37,500). Everyone is loving it for a variety of reasons. Some people like the literacy prizes, others enjoy the positive habits that it is encouraging, while others just wanted… Continue reading 100 Books before High School

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1000 Books before Kindergarten: Gearing Up

Public Libraries: We're not just book depositories anymore... Perhaps those words may be eye-opening to some members of the public but, for years, librarians have been striving to open up the library to various forms of information retrieval, educational entertainment, relaxation, exploration, and the promotion of literacy. Our libraries are¬†free community centers open to all… Continue reading 1000 Books before Kindergarten: Gearing Up

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Hot board books–Paola Opal

I am obsessed with this one little collection of mine: board books. It's not the biggest collection by any means, but I do give it considerable attention, mainly because children take them and put them in their mouths. They're exploring their world, mmmkay?! In my acquisition, I've come across one series that my patrons are… Continue reading Hot board books–Paola Opal

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One World, Many Stories: My Internship in Rural Indiana

My passion to be a youth services librarian has been permanently solidified after my internship at the Morgan County Public Library in Martinsville, Indiana. Although it was last summer (2011), I'm still reveling in the activities I undertook and the experiences that fueled my fire. Last summer, I was given the power to run the… Continue reading One World, Many Stories: My Internship in Rural Indiana