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Baby Art Playground: Peekaboo Puzzles

Part I in a three part series Babies are little balls of adorable gooeyness, like loaves of squishy dough waiting for an adult to move along with them or demonstrate movement. This is what makes baby storytime a challenge and a blessing. While you can do any laptime activity (that's appropriate) and not worry about them wandering off, they… Continue reading Baby Art Playground: Peekaboo Puzzles

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Boxes at the ready, get set, GO!

Due to the rave reviews of my colleagues, I decided to follow the massive librarian/parent following behind Drive-In Movies at the library--for the littlest hands. You can find other examples bathing the internet in a sort of brownish, boxy glow here, here, here, here, and here, and probably here. Sweet corrugated biscuits, let's get down… Continue reading Boxes at the ready, get set, GO!