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Baby Art Playground: Tummy Time Painting

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This was definitely one of the easiest (and most inexpensive) Baby Art Playgrounds to whip up on the fly–and it achieved the same happy results. Supplies were things we already had around the library including acrylic paint, cardstock paper, and ziploc bags. Prep was minimal and involved cutting the paper to fit inside the bag and gathering a bit of research around the benefits of tummy time for babies. So why tummy time?

  1. Strengthen their upper bodies. Due to carrier convenience (from car to stroller) and the new campaign for babies to sleep on their backs, most babies are not getting enough tummy time. Holding the weight of their upper body up with their hands develops muscles that will later grasp a pencil and hold scissors.
  2. Provides a new perspective on the space they live in. As a sensory experience, babies are engaging their hands, torsos, and legs in a new, unique way that develops valuable tactile and proprioceptive input on their bodies.
  3. Motivate baby to crawl. With toys scattered around, baby may gain motivation to inch towards something truly enticing. And crawling is essential for building brain development (cross-lateral integration) and gross motor skills.

In addition to playtime distractions such as painting through a bag, here are some other easy-to-use tips from I Can Teach My Child that you can give to parents.

And now for some squishy babies with squishy bags:

One thought on “Baby Art Playground: Tummy Time Painting

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