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First Board Books for a Newborn’s Little Library


Any books are great books for newborns as their tiny eyes and fingers begin to explore our world. In fact, words are where it’s really at, so reading from your favorite books and magazines are also great ways to interact with your baby and get them used to the cadences of the language(s) they will grow up around.

But you can’t exactly stock their adorable little library with the more abstract concept of words. So here are my favorites for newborns that they can enjoy now and some even up to their toddler years. And, as always, shop local and shop bookstores!

General Favoritesllama llama red pajama-dewdneybitsy-opal.jpg


yum yum yusuke

Song Books

Singing slows down language and focuses the attention of babies and children. Essentials for any shelf!

brown bear-martin.jpg
*Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


Barnyard dance-boynton
*Tune: Turkey in the Straw


row your boat-cabrera.jpg

Diversity Now!

Expose your children now to the beautiful multi-ethnic world we live in.


counting on community-nagarahappy face sad face-cotter

Black and White

Great for new eyes that can focus more closely on the stark contrast between black and white.



black and white-hoban
Make sure you get the foldout version!


look at babys house-linenthal

Touch-and-Feel & Lift-the-Flap

May be a bit “loved” if you check them out from the public library, so these are essentials for home libraries.



thats not my hedgehog-watt
Great series!


You Rolled Your Eyes Before But Now You’re All “Awwww!”

id know you anywhere-tillman


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