Young Adult Literature

A Dark Day in Kelsey Cole’s History

Today I did something I will regret for the rest of my life. I borrowed Twilight from the library. I waited until I had my other books in hand and quickly grabbed it off the shelf, hiding the spine from any accusatory eyes (which would have been mine, had I not been holding it). As its words of mundane descriptive nothingness burned my skin I praised the automatic check-out.

You see, it’s rather a case-study than a personal interest (obviously) because I know that young adults like this kind of…fantasy romance. I should know having written some of them myself. (What a great discovery it was to find myself in the Barnes & Noble romance section, and then in my visit this summer to Hungary:)

So, I am reading the popularity of the masses in order to empathize with their tastes. This way, I can suggestion additional books that are written with more…consideration to the English language and extensive history of literature.

I have been going kinda crazy in the stacks picking up juvenile and young adult fiction. But I’ll breeze through these as fast as mashed potatoes during Thanksgiving. If you’re interested in seeing all that I’ve read, visit my Goodreads.

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