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Teen Lit Love and Access to Strong-Willed Females

With all the poopy things happening out in our world, one sector is getting it right: Young AdultĀ  or Teen literature. As a tween, I read Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and the Princess Diaries. After those tween reads full of debauchery and wit I trailed off from free… Continue reading Teen Lit Love and Access to Strong-Willed Females

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Graphic Novel Primer

I'm sure we're all avidly aware that teens gobble up graphic novels like free pizza. While the patron's interest is there, is the librarian's? While it's easy to see that graphic novels bring in teen AND children readers (especially reluctant readers) it is important to align this new format of literature with collection development policies,… Continue reading Graphic Novel Primer

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Reaching out to LGBTQ Teens with Fiction

Ah, the pains of adult responsibilities and the gradual loss of my passion and dedication to issues that truly need advocacy. At my undergraduate school, Monmouth College, I was engrossed in the activist scene (as much as a small town could provide). I was a leader of several organizations including Listen Up! (general promotion of… Continue reading Reaching out to LGBTQ Teens with Fiction

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Oh yeah? Well, I’ll Find your Path.

What have I been doing? Much much much, including much. My class projects have been the most rewarding, including database research and a pathfinder. I also discussed chat reference as a new form of reaching out to patrons--not necessarily the most applicable to my life journey as a public librarian. I cap it all off with some brief discussions of attracting patrons to a library.