Pinkalicious and the Pinktastic Program

Have you ever read Pinkalicious before? Well, lemme tell you. It’s another one of those stories that doesn’t have rhythmic oomph and tends to exclude a lot of “explanation” filler. Things just happen. And children gobble it up. When I first read it, I was all:


And when I read it at the Pinkalicious program our library hosted this week, the kids were all:


(By the way, I’ve been waiting a really long time to use the first gif. Well worth the wait. Also, I love Lucille Bluth.)

I know, I know, I shouldn’t hate cause clearly the author is a far bigger winner than I am. And Pinkalicious does eat green food to overcome her sickly skin condition (even though she’s practically gagging the whole time). I’m sure it has served as a noble reference point at the dinner table when a child won’t eat her vegetables. And it’s a book, people. I can’t hate too much.

I obviously overcame my initial reserves got over myself and made a program. It was pretty easy to put together and even easier to implement. It was for ages 2+ with a wide mix of enthusiastic Pinkalicious fans. No boys, though, except for one older brother (about 8-years-old) that insisted on having his own wand. I had 2 volunteers with this program and they helped tremendously with crowd control, helping manage the crafts, and offering advice for the crafts.

  1. Intro: Welcome and pick up your wand!
  2. Book: Pinkalicious—when “pink” is read, hold up your wand
  3. Activity: What is pink and what is green? list – then circle which items can be the other color


  1. Cupcake collage
  2. Make Your Own Tiara – I got this awesome idea from the book Pink Princess Party Cookbook by Barbara Beery. The poorly copied picture is pretty accurate to how it came out, actually. Even though it wasn’t the easiest craft the girls desperately wanted to make their own tiaria and worked diligently to make their dream come true.

Supplies for Cupcake Collage

  • Pink tissue paper, feathers, buttons, ribbon
  • Pink cupcake papers

Supplies for Tiara

  • Simple Headbands
  • White, pink, or purple pipe cleaners (3 per child)
  • Lots of beads (the book says about 70 per tiara, but I used 45 for mine)
  • Larger jewels for hot gluing onto the spots where the pipe cleaners tie to the headband

Supplies for Wand

  • Yellow foam–die cut into star (1 per wand)
  • Pink/Purple Ribbon (2 per wand)
  • Skinny dowel rod (1 per wand)

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