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Fairy Good Tales: Little Red Riding Hood

Introduction: Why are nursery rhymes and fairy tales important?

  1. Nursery rhymes are strong in rhythm, rhyme, and repetition
  2. Learn the basic patterns of story patterns including plot, theme, and character
  3. Can teach lessons about actions and consequences
  4. Knowing the original tale builds a platform for understanding & appreciating fractured tales

Shake Your Sillies Out, clap your crazies, jump your jiggles, stretch your stretchies

Abra Cadabra
Abra Kazoom
Let Story Time magic
enter the room (pull out paper with fairytale)

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  1.  Little Red Riding Hood:Storytell the original
    • Review Questions: Was the wolf good or bad? What do we call someone that we don’t know?
    • Once Upon a Dragon safety rhyme
  2. Action Rhyme: Little Red Riding Hood Rhyme from
    Note: The kids loved this rhyme! Make sure to point to the parts of the body and make them big!

    (Sung to the tune of ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’)

    Granny, what big eyes you’ve got,
    Eyes you’ve got, eyes you’ve got,
    Granny, what big eyes you’ve got,
    They’re so funny.

    All the better to see you with,
    See you with, see you with,
    All the better to see you with,
    My sweet honey.

    Ears – hear

    Teeth – eat

    And end with a ROAR!

  3. Fractured Tale: Let’s Play in the Forest flannel
    Note: Always a crowd pleaser!
  4. Finger Play: “Little Bunny Foo Foo”
    Note: We sang about another misbehaving, naughty child:Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest
    Scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head
    Down came the good fairy and she said
    Little Bunny Foo Foo I don’t want to see you
    Scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head
    I’ll give you three chances and if you don’t behave I’ll turn you into a goon!
    The next day…
  5. Fractured Tale: Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf by Rachael Mortimer
    Note: I have been having a much younger audience attend Fairy Good Tales, so I wasn’t able to find to many fractured tales for the preschool age crowd. This was a great one, though!

Activities & Take Aways

  1. Decorate flowers to bring to grandma
  2. Wolf paper bag puppet
  3. Cutting practice from 123 Homeschool for Me –  Riding Hood Pack


  • Brown paper bags
  • Crafty stuff: pom poms, feathers, beads
  • Foam flowers
  • Green pipe cleaners

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