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Virtual Sunshine Squad: Be Brave!

The shock of an innocent game of Peek-a-boo is thrilling and exciting for most babies. However, getting startled begins to wear on the psyche of toddlers and preschoolers, making the spooky Halloween season a particularly terrifying one. Fear is a perfectly normal emotion and can help children stay safe and cautiously approach new experiences. By talking about emotions like fear and bravery, we can help children process and approach them without being consumed by them.

Welcome Song

Tune: Skip to My Lou

Hello (name) and how are you? x3
Welcome to storytime

Welcome Book: The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates

3 Ways to be be a part of Sunshine Squad (from Sunflower Storytime)

  1. Being kind to yourself
  2. Being kind to others
  3. Being kind to animals and nature

I am great! (Arms wide)
I  am smart! (Finger to head)
I am strong! (Flex muscles)
I am loved! (Hug yourself)
Today is an awesome day! (Thumbs up)

Introduction to theme: Be Brave!

  1. Acknowledge your child’s feelings: Knowing you understand can ease the weight of your child’s feelings and make it easier for your child to cope.
  1. Ask questions to find out the true reason for being scared.
  2. Be calm and let your child borrow your confidence: “It’s hard, but I know you can do it.”

Book: Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy by Jan Thomas

Action Rhyme: If You Ever See a Monster

Source: King County Library System

Tune: “The More We Get Together”

If you ever see a monster,
A big ugly monster.
If you ever see a monster,
Here’s what you do!

Make this face……
And this face…..
And this face…..
And this face…..

If you ever see a monster…
Be sure to shout…BOOOOO!!!

Recorded Song: “Scared Scarecrow” by Caspar Babypants

Settle Down Rhyme: If You’re Ready for a Story

Flannel Story: Tickle Monster

Tickle Monster
By Edouard Manceau

Hey Tickle Monster! You don’t scare me!

If I tickle your HORNS
You can’t poke me!

If I tickle your ARMS…
You can’t catch me!

If I tickle your FEET…
You can’t run after me!

If I tickle your TEETH…
You can’t bite me!

If I tickle your TUMMY…
You can’t swallow me!

If I tickle your EARS…
You can’t hear me!

If I tickle your NOSE…
You can’t smell me!

If I tickle your EYES…
You can’t see me!

And now if I tickle your HEAD…
You’re gone!

Good-bye, Tickle Monster!
Phew! I can finally go to sleep.
But if you ever come knocking on my door, Tickle Monster, beware:
I will tickle you again!

Book: Mouse’s First Halloween by Lauren Thompson

Action Rhyme: We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt

Tip: When you’re virtual, it’s hard to do call-and-response rhymes cause you can’t really hear anyone. :/ I will say both lines, but do the second one a little quieter.

We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt
(We’re going on a ghost hunt.)
We’re going to find a big one.
(We’re going to find a big one.)
It’s a starry night. The moon is bright.
I’m not afraid.

  -A rustling, rattling cornfield (swish swish)

  -A swishy fishy river (splash splash)

  -The wild, windy woods (wooooooo)

  -A graveyard gate (creak creak)

End with friendly ghost that wants to play tag and chases the kids home.

Craft: Pumpkin Emotions

Craft kits available at library for registered patrons include: Black felt (distributed in halves), thick orange felt (full sheet), green felt (distributed in eighths)

  1. Cut your orange felt into an oval with notches on the top and bottom in order to look like a pumpkin.
  2. Cut the green felt into a rectangle and add to the top for the stem.
  3. With the black felt, cut various shapes and designs for the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows.
  4. Try different combinations of the pieces and talk about what the pumpkin may be feeling, what caused that feeling, and if your child has ever felt that before.

Goodbye Rhyme: Tune: Skip to My Lou

Wave wave wave goodbye
Wave, wave, wave goodbye
Wave, wave, wave goodbye
I hope to see you soon

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