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Virtual Sunshine Squad: Thankful for Families

Recognizing and celebrating difference is one of the first steps towards raising empathetic, compassionate, and self-loving children. What better place to look than the diverse array of family units in the world! This storytime was presented a couple days after Thanksgiving, hence “thankful for.”

Welcome Song

Tune: Skip to My Lou

Hello (name) and how are you? x3
Welcome to storytime

Welcome Book: The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates

3 Ways to be be a part of Sunshine Squad (from Sunflower Storytime)

  1. Being kind to yourself
  2. Being kind to others
  3. Being kind to animals and nature

I am great! (Arms wide)
I  am smart! (Finger to head)
I am strong! (Flex muscles)
I am loved! (Hug yourself)
Today is an awesome day! (Thumbs up)

Introduction to theme: Thankful for Families

“One of the most important gifts we can give our children is to help them feel good about the uniqueness of their family and help them learn to accept people they may see as ‘different.'” Bright Horizons

When children have questions, keep your answers simple: “Cody lives with his grandmother. His grandmother is his family,” or “Malia has two mommies. They are her family.”

Celebrate diversity and define what makes a family: love!

Book: Daddy & Dada by Ryan Brockington & Isaac Webster

Action Rhyme: These Are Grandma’s Glasses

These are grandma’s glasses
This is grandma’s hat
And this is the way she folds her hands
And lays them in her lap

These are grandpa’s glasses
This is grandpa’s hat
And this is the way he folds his arms
And takes a little nap

Recorded Song: “Family Train” by Mr. Eric & Mr. Michael

Settle Down Rhyme: If You’re Ready for a Story

Flannel Story: Napping House

Template from, inspired by The Storytime Lady

Book: Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer

Action Rhyme: Family fingers

Daddy finger, Daddy finger, Where are you??
Here I am, Here I am, How do you do??

Mommy finger, Mommy finger, Where are you??
Here I am, Here I am, How do you do??

Brother finger, Brother finger, Where are you???
Here I am, Here I am, How do you do???

Sister finger, Sister finger, Where are you??
Here I am, Here I am, How do you do??

Baby finger, Baby finger, Where are you??
Here I am, Here I am, How do you do???

Craft: Playdough Family Mats

Adult faces playdough mat
Kids faces playdough mat

Craft kits available at library for registered patrons include: 1 laminated adult faces mat, 1 laminated children faces mat, 4 containers of Playdough

  1. Ask your child who they would like to create first and write their name in the blank space. You can use a permanent, washable, or white-board marker.
  2. Talk about what color hair and eyes the person has and if they wear anything on their face.
  3. Try out different eyebrows and mouths that demonstrate different emotions and feelings. Talk about what the person may be feeling, what caused that feeling, and if your child has ever felt that before.

Tip: You can make the color brown by thoroughly mixing yellow+purple, green+red, and blue+orange

Goodbye Rhyme: Tune: Skip to My Lou

Wave wave wave goodbye
Wave, wave, wave goodbye
Wave, wave, wave goodbye
I hope to see you soon

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