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Nourish a child’s curiosity with nonfiction!

Children love to read nonfiction outside of mandatory school work. But, just like fiction, there are certain criteria of which a nonfiction book must align in order to be a meaningful work of literature. I use five main areas of inspection: writer authenticity (do they have a personal interest in the field?); accurate information; applicability to audience; style and organization; and illustrations. So where does a librarian start looking for new children's nonfiction? Try checking out these awards or using a database such as the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database.

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Graphic Novel Primer

I'm sure we're all avidly aware that teens gobble up graphic novels like free pizza. While the patron's interest is there, is the librarian's? While it's easy to see that graphic novels bring in teen AND children readers (especially reluctant readers) it is important to align this new format of literature with collection development policies,… Continue reading Graphic Novel Primer

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Censorship: Um, mind if I say some–NO!

The spring semester has rounded off successfully. I'm now into my first summer session and things are moving fast. I'm taking Web Graphics, Advanced Storytelling, and Seminar in Intellectual Freedom. Not only am I kept busy with preparing my knowledge of Children's/Young Adult librarianship, but the seminar is preparing my analytical outlook on issues in… Continue reading Censorship: Um, mind if I say some–NO!