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Early Literacy iPads–Implementation, Public Response, & Upkeep

And she looked upon her creature, all the potential good and all the bad it might bring, and she screamed, "IT'S ALIVE!" and then she went to the settings and couldn't find the restrictions and when she finally had she forgot the password and then found some wrinkled, discarded post-it note with the password then… Continue reading Early Literacy iPads–Implementation, Public Response, & Upkeep

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#ala2013: STEAM, Interactive Storytimes, & Appvisory

ALA annual in Chicago was quite the hootenanny (even if it was 1 month ago, whatever). A definite highlight was when David Levithan (Boy Meets Boy, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Will Grayson Will Grayson) signed my copy of Boy Meets Boy. I didn't want the signing to be another boring "to Kelsey - David… Continue reading #ala2013: STEAM, Interactive Storytimes, & Appvisory

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Early Literacy iPads–Research, Proposal, & Training

Tablets are portable, hand-held computers that use software called apps, allowing interactive access to information for various needs and wants. Circulating tablets in a library setting is an excellent way to allow patrons to experiment with this emerging technology and gain access to a wealth of information. At Fremont PL, we have been approved to provide in-house circulating iPads and mounted iPads. Outlined here are the preliminary steps taken to provide iPads to our patrons.

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One World, Many Stories: My Internship in Rural Indiana

My passion to be a youth services librarian has been permanently solidified after my internship at the Morgan County Public Library in Martinsville, Indiana. Although it was last summer (2011), I'm still reveling in the activities I undertook and the experiences that fueled my fire. Last summer, I was given the power to run the… Continue reading One World, Many Stories: My Internship in Rural Indiana

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Graphic Novel Primer

I'm sure we're all avidly aware that teens gobble up graphic novels like free pizza. While the patron's interest is there, is the librarian's? While it's easy to see that graphic novels bring in teen AND children readers (especially reluctant readers) it is important to align this new format of literature with collection development policies,… Continue reading Graphic Novel Primer