Youth Services

As a children’s librarian, leave your dignity at the door

Today started my second semester of library school and what better way than at the beloved Monroe County Public Library. Children’s Librarian Josh Wolf and Teen Librarian Chris Hosler gave my Youth Library Services class some basic tips and personal stories including a rousing story of Josh’s flyaway booger. Truly, leave your dignity at the door, people. Their suggestions encouraged a lot of specialization: I should focus on core groups of dedicated patrons; focus on a particular area of librarianship in programming; focus on interesting yet simple crafts. Oh, and don’t be fake. Teens can smell ingenuity (but not that moldy bowl of Ramen underneath their bed).

I am still torn between young adult or children’s services. I am interested on varying levels regarding the literature and programs of both age groups. I suppose in the end it will come down to what job is available so I’ll just leave the door open to possibilities. I also heard that young adult librarians oftentimes shift between teen services and another area of the library (adult, children’s) so they’re not overspent. Eeexcellent. Yet some may caution me against pursuing a career where the reason for working sucks the life out of me, but what are the young, energetic cells in my body supposed to do? Besides, it can’t be worse than helping near-deaf, miserable, old bags at Macy’s find some mufflers (aka scarves made in the 40s).

My classes this year should be rather enlightening. As previously mentioned, there is Youth Library Services. I will also be taking Public Library Management–an excellent introduction to appease my interest in being a Library Director in the future. In the technology realm (of which I plan to take at least one tech class each semester), I am taking Information Architecture for the Web which includes creating a website for a client. The second half of the semester I will start Storytelling, which I will rock the hell out of. All in all, an excellent semester.

On top of that, I am still working at Macy’s (mumble grumble grumble), I am the new President of Indiana University’s student chapter of the American Library Association (ALA), I hope to start volunteering a local school library, and I really want to start yoga. I just feel like maybe I should do something other than cross-stitch and watch The Office.

I read a million children’s and young adult books over the past 6 months of which I would highly suggest the City of Ember series, Hugo Cabret, Annie on My Mind, Boy Meets Boy, and any picture books by David Wiesner.

Until a later time (but, I swear, not too late).

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