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Bring Appiness Home – One Library’s Bibliography

I wish I could join and engage with every family that sat down at the iPads. I could encourage co-play and talking and–wait. Every family? Mmm…I take that back. But as a dutiful librarian, I know that there is a passive way to provide reference to the families I miss: bibliography time! *Cue C+C Music Factory“*


My bib included:

  1. Division between interactive book apps & educational apps. I did this because I included:
  2. Specific skills developed via educational apps. I feel like most adults will inherently see value in book apps (as they see value in print books) and I wanted to show caregivers & teachers that other game-centric apps still build certain skills
  3. The app picture–so adults will be able to identify the correct app when they’re searching the app stores
  4. If it is available in the Android Play Store. This I made sure to add after reading commentary out there about the lag in providing appvisory for Android users.

And here is da bib. Do you have an app bibliography at your library? Wanna share, friend?

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