5, 4, 3, 2, 1–Song Catchers Library!

Last summer, I met with fellow music enthusiast and partner in early literacy crime Heather (Little Literacy Librarian) to discuss the lack of resources specifically geared at music programming. There is Singable Picture Books with Emily, Storytime Song chords by Shauna Tominey, and (of course) Jbrary for all your recorded storytime rhyme needs. But what if you… Continue reading 5, 4, 3, 2, 1–Song Catchers Library!

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Fairy Good Tales: Little Red Riding Hood

Introduction: Why are nursery rhymes and fairy tales important? Nursery rhymes are strong in rhythm, rhyme, and repetition Learn the basic patterns of story patterns including plot, theme, and character Can teach lessons about actions and consequences Knowing the original tale builds a platform for understanding & appreciating fractured tales Shake Your Sillies Out, clap… Continue reading Fairy Good Tales: Little Red Riding Hood

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100 Books before High School

November kicked off the official start of 1000 Books before Kindergarten. It has been phenomenally successful. We currently have 135 children participating (for perspective, we serve 37,500). Everyone is loving it for a variety of reasons. Some people like the literacy prizes, others enjoy the positive habits that it is encouraging, while others just wanted… Continue reading 100 Books before High School

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Curious Kitties: The Great Outdoors

1. Opening Song: Building Blocks Song Tune: Hello Ladies Hello __________ (first child in the circle) Hello __________(second child in the circle) Hello __________(third child in the circle) Come build something with your blocks! 2. Importance of scientific observation—make predictions, test, discuss 3. Intro to outdoor science: Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid--This is a… Continue reading Curious Kitties: The Great Outdoors


Can 1000 Books Beat Fabio?

In June 2011, I posted a personal account of my interaction with Fabio that I had written for my Storytelling class in grad school. Although it took a few months, desperate housewives and business ladies alike searching for bare-chested pictures of Fabio began landing on my page. In droves they were using such keyword searches… Continue reading Can 1000 Books Beat Fabio?