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2019 Picture Books Gift Guide

Another year wraps up and I've got some great gift suggestions for every young child on your list. Happy hunting! Infant Board Books (ages 0-2) Wild Baby by Cori Doerrfeld. This one's for all the active, run-away children out there (mine included). The baby monkey experiences many emotions including joy, excitement, fear, and shame, but… Continue reading 2019 Picture Books Gift Guide


Sunshine Squad: Love Yourself!

  Hello Song: Heckety Peckety No matter the size of the crowd, everyone's name is beautiful so let's put them in a song! Heckety peckety bumblebee Won’t you say your name for me? ______________ Let’s say it ______________ Let’s clap it ______________ On your lap ______________ With a whisper ______________ With a shout ______________ Early… Continue reading Sunshine Squad: Love Yourself!


Sunshine Squad: Skin Color Diversity

In a well-intentioned but highly damaging attempt to prevent racism, white adults often teach children that we are all equal and the same, no matter our skin color, discouraging any discussion about our physical differences. This can severely impact the self-esteem of children of color and can cause anxiety, shame, and disillusion for all children.… Continue reading Sunshine Squad: Skin Color Diversity

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First Board Books for a Newborn’s Little Library

Any books are great books for newborns as their tiny eyes and fingers begin to explore our world. In fact, words are where it's really at, so reading from your favorite books and magazines are also great ways to interact with your baby and get them used to the cadences of the language(s) they will grow… Continue reading First Board Books for a Newborn’s Little Library

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Baby Art Playground: Natural Taste-Safe Fingerpaint Play

Part of the Baby Art Playground series "Allow baby to explore the texture and beauty of paint without worrying about toxins or unnatural additives. Baby will be painting with food-based paint so be prepared to dress for mess!" Oooo dis one was fun. With all of my Baby Art Playground programs, I'm looking for a fun 45-minute… Continue reading Baby Art Playground: Natural Taste-Safe Fingerpaint Play