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Baby Art Playground: Peekaboo Puzzles

Part I in a three part series Babies are little balls of adorable gooeyness, like loaves of squishy dough waiting for an adult to move along with them or demonstrate movement. This is what makes baby storytime a challenge and a blessing. While you can do any laptime activity (that's appropriate) and not worry about them wandering off, they… Continue reading Baby Art Playground: Peekaboo Puzzles


More Than Raffi: Jim Gill

Ask any children's librarian if they've heard of Jim Gill and their reaction will be an exasperated yes followed by an insistence that you need to check out everything on shelf followed by a rambling, star-struck story about when they met him. Jim Gill has been making the library circuit for quite some time, spreading his delightful… Continue reading More Than Raffi: Jim Gill


More than Raffi: Wiggleworms Love You!

Whenever children's music is mentioned on the wisp of a passing wind, without a doubt: Children's music gets a bad rap in the music community. It's every parent's punching bag and I don't blame them when their experience is clouded by mass-marketed refuse such as Dora the Explorer or awful collections of "traditional" songs collated by corporations… Continue reading More than Raffi: Wiggleworms Love You!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1–Song Catchers Library!

Last summer, I met with fellow music enthusiast and partner in early literacy crime Heather (Little Literacy Librarian) to discuss the lack of resources specifically geared at music programming. There is Singable Picture Books with Emily, Storytime Song chords by Shauna Tominey, and (of course) Jbrary for all your recorded storytime rhyme needs. But what if you… Continue reading 5, 4, 3, 2, 1–Song Catchers Library!

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Fairy Good Tales: Little Red Riding Hood

Introduction: Why are nursery rhymes and fairy tales important? Nursery rhymes are strong in rhythm, rhyme, and repetition Learn the basic patterns of story patterns including plot, theme, and character Can teach lessons about actions and consequences Knowing the original tale builds a platform for understanding & appreciating fractured tales Shake Your Sillies Out, clap… Continue reading Fairy Good Tales: Little Red Riding Hood